Omega’s vision is to build a network that is affordable, scalable and secure with minimal engineer interaction and zero downtime.

This is only achievable by building from the ground up using automation software, without compromising on security, efficiency, customer experience or cost.

We will achieve this by leveraging programming tools, that will automate repetitive tasks, freeing up our engineers to focus on client satisfaction.

When we deploy a new site, the CPE will be labelled and shipped to site. Once on site this device just needs to be plugged into the circuit and powered on, at this point it will be allocated an IP address from our core then automatically pull its config from our automation platform.

Our automation platform will be the hub for any changes to the environment, it will also contain configuration backups and IP addressing management for all clients.

In addition, we are developing a tool for clients to interface with when an incident needs to be raised or any changes are required. This tool can also be used to view the network on a map, giving clients the ability to drill down into each site and view information such as what incidents or changes are currently open for the site in question.